20 Eye-Opening Realizations About Women’s Bodies You Need to Know

21 Things Women Didn’t Realize Their Body Was Capable Of Doing Until It Just… Happened

Things Women Didn’t Know About Their Bodies Until It Happened to Them

I recently asked the women of the BuzzFeed Community to share things they didn’t learn about their bodies until they experienced them firsthand, and the responses poured in. Reading through them was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Here is what some shared:

  1. The Reality of First Periods
    One respondent shared her experience of discovering what her first period could actually look like. Thinking she was experiencing food poisoning, she was surprised to learn that period blood isn’t always red. [^1] Person sitting on a toilet holding a roll of toilet paper, focusing on lower body
  2. Postpartum Realizations
    Another woman shared her surprise at her uterus not returning to its usual spot after giving birth, leading to a prolapse. This experience led her to wish more people talked about such occurrences.
  3. Mysterious Pain
    A respondent recounted her journey of debilitating pain, which turned out to be a torn labrum caused by undiagnosed hip dysplasia. She emphasized the importance of trusting one’s intuition when experiencing health issues.
  4. Unexpected Health Concerns
    Another shared her experience of being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid, after experiencing sudden heart rate increases and other symptoms. She highlighted the importance of advocating for oneself when it comes to healthcare. [^4] Person sitting on a hospital bed in a patterned gown, looking out the window
  5. Long-Term Birth Control Effects
    One woman shared her discovery of the increased risk of liver complications from long-term birth control use, urging others to educate themselves on the potential risks and rewards of medications. Person jogging on track in sportswear with headphones, seen from behind
  6. Surprises About the Hymen
    Another woman discussed the misconception around the hymen, explaining how it’s not a wall-like membrane and can lead to conditions like hymenal tags, which may require surgical intervention.
  7. Incontinence Realization
    A woman shared her surprise at experiencing urinary incontinence at age 40, despite never having had children, challenging common misconceptions about bladder control.
  8. Hair Changes During Menopause
    Another woman discussed how menopause caused her hair texture to change, leading to the development of curls, highlighting the lesser-known physical effects of hormonal changes.
  9. Postpartum Sexual Health
    One respondent shared her journey of experiencing painful sex for months after her first vaginal birth, attributing it to hormonal changes from birth and breastfeeding.
  10. Unpredictable Menstruation
    Another woman shared her experience of her period disappearing on non-estrogen birth control, yet still experiencing menstrual symptoms, challenging common assumptions about menstruation.

These stories underscore the importance of open dialogue and education about women’s health issues. By sharing experiences and information, we can empower women to better understand and advocate for their own health needs.

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