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Avalanche Foundation Launches Avaissance, a Trailblazing NFT Initiative Featuring Artist Residencies for 50+ Digital Creators

The Avalanche Foundation, the organization behind the , has announced the of Avaissance, a new initiative that will and showcase digital artists in the NFT space. Avaissance will offer artist residencies to more than 50 creators, who will receive funding, mentorship, and exposure on the Avalanche platform. The initiative aims to foster and diversity in the NFT , and to celebrate the artistic potential of blockchain .

Avaissance is a collaboration between the Avalanche Foundation, Art Blocks, Curio Cards, Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare, as well as other partners and sponsors. The initiative will feature three phases: Genesis, , and Enlightenment. Each phase will have a different theme and focus, and will showcase different types of NFT , such as generative art, pixel art, photography, and 3D art.

The first phase, Genesis, will launch on November 15th and will run until December 15th. Genesis will feature generative art created by artists using Art Blocks, a platform that allows anyone to create and collect on-chain generative art. The artists selected for Genesis include Anders Hoff, Anna Zhilyaeva, Dmitry Morozov, Georg Fischer, Matt DesLauriers, Saskia Freeke, and Tyler Hobbs. The artworks created by these artists will be minted on Avalanche and sold on OpenSea.

The second phase, Renaissance, will launch in January 2022 and will run until February 2022. Renaissance will feature pixel art created by artists using Curio Cards, one of the first NFT on that consists of 30 collectible cards with pixel art designs. The artists selected for Renaissance include Aaron Z. Lewis, Adam Kovesdi, Alotta , Chris Torres, Daniel Allen Cohen, David OReilly, and Yonat Vaks. The artworks created by these artists will be minted on Avalanche and sold on Rarible.

The third phase, Enlightenment, will launch in March 2022 and will run until April 2022. Enlightenment will feature photography and 3D art created by artists using and SuperRare, two of the leading platforms for buying and selling digital art. The artists selected for Enlightenment include Alexis Christodoulou, Beeple, Colin Goltra, Fewocious, Josie Bellini, Lindsay Howard, and Pak. The artworks created by these artists will be minted on Avalanche and sold on Nifty Gateway and SuperRare.

Avaissance is a unique for digital artists to explore new possibilities and reach new audiences with their NFT creations. By leveraging the speed, , and low fees of Avalanche, Avaissance aims to make more accessible and inclusive for everyone. As , Director of the Avalanche Foundation, said:

“Avaissance is a celebration of the incredible talent and creativity that exists in the NFT space. We are honored to partner with some of the most influential platforms and artists in the industry to showcase the power and potential of blockchain art. Avaissance is not only a tribute to the past and present of , but also a glimpse into the of what is possible with Avalanche.”

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