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Avaxtars: A New Generation of Metaverse & Play2Earn Browser Game on Blockchain 🚀

Have you ever dreamed of being part of an epic sci-fi story where you can create your own digital avatar, join a multichain blockchain war, and earn rewards by playing? If yes, then you should check out Avaxtars, a new generation of metaverse and play2earn browser game on blockchain that uses NFTs and tokens. 🙌

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Avaxtars is a browser-based idle sci-fi game that is built on the Avalanche platform, a highly scalable and decentralized blockchain network. The game features unique digital avatars called Avaxtars that are recorded on Avalanche Mainnet as ERC-721 tokens. Each Avaxtar has a Digital Genetic Code (DGC) that makes it unique. 🧬

The first generated 10,000 Avaxtars are known as Gen1 and they are very rare and valuable. Players can get Gen1 Avaxtars from BoxDrops or buy them from the with $, the native of Avalanche. Gen1 Avaxtars can also be used to generate new Gen2 Avaxtars with Personal Avaxtar Generation Machines (PAGM). This process is called Avaxtar Farming (AF) and it is a way to farm new Avaxtars and earn $AVXT tokens. 💰

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$AVXT is the ERC-20 token of the Avaxtars game and it can be used to buy game or interact with game mechanics. Players can also earn $AVXT by completing quests or participating in missions. There are two other tokens in the game: $DGC and $ENXT. $DGC is generated by PAGM processes and it can be used to enhance Avaxtars into special units. $ENXT is earned by providing to AVXT-AVAX pools on and it is needed for production and missions. 🔥

The game has various game assets such as gears, weapons, vehicles, and items that can enhance the Avaxtars' . These game assets are also NFTs with different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legend. Players can equip their Avaxtars with these game assets and send them to missions where they can earn rewards or loot. 🚗

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Avaxtars is developing rapidly and has a strong on Twitter and LinkedIn. The game has a rich and immersive story that will unfold in different phases. The first phase is called Reboot and it introduces the players to the of Avaxtars and the main characters. The next phases will involve PvP matches, blockchain wars, and more. 🌎

Avaxtars is a game that combines the best of metaverse and play2earn concepts. It offers players a chance to create their own digital identity, join a multichain blockchain war, and earn rewards by playing. It also leverages the power of NFTs and tokens to create a unique and decentralized experience. If you are interested in joining this game, you can follow these steps: 🚀

  1. Install and add
  2. Get $AVAX from a (Be sure it supports C-Chain)
  3. Send $AVAX to your Metamask
  4. Get $AVXT from
  5. Farm new Gen2 Avaxtars & Earn $AVXT
  6. Buy 2x Gen1 with $AVAX
  7. Buy a PAGM Device with $AVXT
  8. Go to your My PAGMs Page
  9. Start Avaxtar Farming with your PAGM device
  10. A Success = Gen2 & 0.42 to 0.84 $AVXT
  11. A Fail = 30 to 57 $DGC
  12. To generate $DGC Token
  13. Buy 2x Gen2 with $AVXT
  14. Buy a PAGM Device with $AVXT
  15. Go to your My PAGMs Page
  16. Start generating 53 to 100 $DGC with every process

Are you ready to join the first multichain blockchain war? Don't miss your chance to be part of this amazing game! Visit today and start your adventure! 😍


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