Bitcoin Smashes $30K Barrier: Experts Reveal What’s Next for the Crypto King

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Bitcoin blasts through $30k barrier; Experts predict what's next for BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) has met the expectations of cryptocurrency who have earlier predicted that the flagship (DeFi) asset could make such a movement, triggering more that a bullish continuation is in store. 🚀

Indeed, Bitcoin was at press time changing hands at the of $30,132 for the first time since June 2022, recording a 6.30% increase on the day and adding up to the 8.33% gain over the previous week, as well as growing 46.83% on its monthly chart, according to the retrieved on April 11. 😲

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Notably, one week before this breakout, popular analyst Moustache had noticed a “good sign,” observing that Bitcoin had “another weekly close over the sampling period in the Gaussian Channel” and stating that $30,000 or more was “only a matter of time.” 🕒

Just before the most recent breakout, on April 10, Moustache had again confirmed this analysis, arguing that Bitcoin's activities at the time looked “very much like consolidation before more upside,” seeing “30k+ for BTC as long as the black line holds.” 📈

What's next?

Elsewhere, Stockmoney Lizards took note of the recent breakout, comparing Bitcon's current price action with that from 2019, when the maiden skyrocketed as much as 150% after breaking the ascending line in May, suggesting that history could repeat itself and the could continue to up to $45,000 – $47,000. 🔥

Interestingly, the same analyst had earlier made another comparison between the movements of Bitcoin in 2021- to those in the period 2017-2022, suggesting there was a strong chance of it advancing toward $47,000 in the following months. 🚀

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