Boca Bash 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to the Wild Boating Party on Lake Boca Raton

Best images from Boca Bash, the wild boating party on Lake Boca Raton

Thousands of eager boaters, jet skiers, kayakers, and paddleboarders are expected at Boca Bash 2024. Typically, it draws anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 participants on Lake Boca.

But make no mistake — the Boca Bash boating party is all about boozing and bikinis.

What is Boca Bash?

Boca Bash is a once-a-year boating party held on Lake Boca Raton in, you guessed it, Boca Raton. The city of Boca itself has no official involvement with putting on the annual party on the water, and Florida actually has jurisdiction over Lake Boca.

The event originally started as a birthday bash for then-local Rockey Rossi, planned by his friends Brad Geisen and Scott McCure in 2007. The city asked them to cancel the party, which allegedly included hiring the rock band Nickleback to perform. The plans garnered enough attention though, and despite their cancellation, drew dozens of boaters to the lake.

5 things to know about party on Lake Boca: Boating, booze and bikinis

Boaters gather in Lake Boca Raton for the Boca Bash Sunday, April 25, 2021.

On Instagram, thebocabash has 10,900 followers. Attempts to reach the organizer on both social media platforms were not returned.

THE BOCA BASH: How did it start? The mysterious origins of Boca’s wildest boating bash

What day is Boca Bash 2024?

A man jumps into the water at the Boca Bash on Lake Boca Raton on April 28, 2019 in Boca Raton, Florida

The annual boat party on Lake Boca is the last Sunday of April, which this year is Sunday, April 28.

Boats fill Lake Boca Raton during the Boca Bash on Lake Boca Raton on April 28, 2019 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Lake Boca Raton is a body of water sandwiched between Palmetto Park Road to the north, East Camino Real to the south, The Boca Raton five-star resort to the west and a small strip of land to the east along the Atlantic Ocean.

A look back at Boca Bash 2019 on Lake Boca

A look back at Boca Bash 2017

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: Boca Bash 2024 wild boat party images on Lake Boca Raton Florida

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