Evan Rachel Wood Wins Big in Court Against Abusive Ex Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson's against ex Evan Rachel Wood suffers a major setback

The current web page context shows that Marilyn Manson, the controversial star, has been dealt a big blow in his defamation lawsuit against his former fiancée, Evan Rachel Wood. The actress, who stars in the hit TV show Westworld, has accused Manson of sexually and physically abusing her during their relationship. Manson denies the allegations and claims that Wood and another woman, Illma Gore, have fabricated evidence and recruited other women to make false accusations against him. 😱

However, a judge has thrown out most of Manson's claims against Wood and Gore, finding that they have not shown any probability of prevailing on their case. The judge also ruled that Wood and Gore's statements are protected by the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech. 🙌

This is a huge victory for Wood and Gore, who have been vocal about their experiences with Manson and have supported other survivors of . Wood has also been an advocate for the Phoenix Act, a that extends the statute of limitations for domestic violence crimes in California. 💪

But Manson is not giving up yet. His lawyer said he plans to appeal the ruling and present more evidence that Wood and Gore have conspired to ruin his career and reputation. He also still faces other lawsuits from other women who have sued him for sexual assault and battery. 😬

What do you think of this latest in the Marilyn Manson ? Do you believe Wood and Gore or Manson? How do you feel about the judge's decision? Let know in the comments below! 😊

Sources: AP News, Los Angeles Times, ABC News

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