How Alibaba Cloud and Elastos are Revolutionizing the Internet with Blockchain and Web3

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Alibaba Cloud and Elastos join forces to build a more secure and inclusive internet

Do you want to know how Alibaba Cloud and Elastos are working together to create a new web experience that gives you more control over your and ? 🤔

If you are interested in blockchain, decentralized identity, and open-source technology, you should read this article. 😊

In this article, you will learn about:

  • The strategic partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Elastos
  • The benefits of Elastos' Web3 tech stack for Alibaba Cloud customers
  • The for developers and in the decentralized web
  • The vision of Alibaba Cloud and Elastos for a more inclusive and secure modern internet

What is the partnership about?

According to a press release, Alibaba Cloud International, 's largest cloud provider, announced a partnership with Elastos, a pioneering open-source, layer one blockchain protocol building infrastructure for the modern internet.

The partnership aims to build and deploy next-generation solutions for a more inclusive and secure internet using . 🚀

Some of the solutions include:

  • One-click tools that allow users to easily validator nodes on Elastos' blockchain platforms
  • A backend AppStore that leverages Elastos' open-source Web3 technologies, such as decentralized identity, storage, and communications
  • Hackathons and programs to grow the Elastos and decentralized web communities

Why is this partnership important?

This partnership is important because it addresses some of the challenges and opportunities of the current internet landscape, such as:

  • Data and privacy: Many users have to rely on third-party entities to manage and verify their identities, which can expose them to data breaches, identity theft, and of privacy. Elastos offers a decentralized, secure, and privacy-preserving way for users to control their own digital identities using Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).
  • and inclusion: Many developers and users face barriers to access and participate in the internet due to centralized platforms, intermediaries, and regulations. Elastos provides a platform for and inclusion by enabling anyone to create, own, and digital and services on the decentralized web.
  • and : Many blockchain platforms struggle with high consumption, low throughput, and limited . Elastos solves these issues by using a hybrid consensus mechanism that combines proof of work, proof of stake, and proof of integrity, as well as a modular architecture that supports communication.

What are the benefits for Alibaba Cloud customers?

By partnering with Elastos, Alibaba Cloud can offer its 2.3 million customers:

  • A safe and secure web experience that gives them more control over their data and privacy using Elastos' Web3 technologies.
  • A flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure that supports cloud-native blockchain , serverless services, private key management, and tools.
  • A competitive edge in the emerging Web3 that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

What are the benefits for Elastos developers and users?

By partnering with Alibaba Cloud, Elastos developers and users can:

  • Access Alibaba Cloud's node-as-a-service offering that allows them to easily launch validator nodes on Elastos' blockchain platforms.
  • Leverage Alibaba Cloud's global network of data centers that provide high availability, reliability, and .
  • Reach Alibaba Cloud's large customer base that spans across various industries and regions.

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