What is GoGoPool + Pro and why you should care? 🤔

GoGoPool + Pro is a new service that aims to make subnets easy on Avalanche, the fastest and most scalable smart contracts platform. Subnets are custom blockchains that run on Avalanche and can have their own , rules, and . Subnets enable developers to create that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences, without compromising on or .

GoGoPool + Pro is a project by Gabriel Cardona, a senior advocate at , the team behind Avalanche. Gabriel announced the project during the #AvalancheSummit, a virtual event that showcased the latest innovations and developments on Avalanche. Gabriel demonstrated how to build a live using GoGoPool + Pro and subnets.

How does GoGoPool + Pro work? 🚀

GoGoPool + Pro is a web-based service that allows to create, join, and manage subnets on Avalanche with a few clicks. Users can choose from a variety of templates and options to customize their subnets, such as consensus algorithm, validator set, fees, and native . Users can also deploy smart contracts and interact with their subnets using a web interface or an API.

GoGoPool + Pro also offers a pro version that provides additional features and benefits for users who want to scale up their subnets and applications. The pro version includes:

  • A dedicated subnet ID and domain name for each subnet
  • A custom logo and branding for each subnet
  • A and for each subnet
  • A team and for each subnet
  • A and monetization for each subnet

What are the advantages of GoGoPool + Pro? 🙌

GoGoPool + Pro is designed to make subnets accessible and easy for anyone who wants to build on Avalanche. Some of the advantages of using GoGoPool + Pro are:

  • No coding or technical skills required to create subnets
  • No need to run nodes or infrastructure to join or manage subnets
  • No lock-up or minimum stake required to participate in subnets
  • No -off between security, , and customization of subnets
  • No limit to the number or variety of subnets that can be created or joined

How can you get started with GoGoPool + Pro? 🙋‍♂️

If you are interested in creating or joining subnets on Avalanche using GoGoPool + Pro, you can sign up for the beta version here. You will need an Avalanche address and some tokens to use the service. You can also follow GoGoPool + Pro on Twitter for updates and announcements.

GoGoPool + Pro is an exciting and innovative service that opens up new possibilities for decentralized applications on Avalanche. By making subnets easy, GoGoPool + Pro empowers users to create their own custom blockchains that suit their needs and preferences, without compromising on security or performance. Whether you want to build a Web3 game, a protocol, an , or anything else, GoGoPool + Pro can help you achieve your goals.

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