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Trader Joe Launches Liquidity Book V2.1 With New Features

Are you looking for a decentralized (DEX) that offers you more options and benefits for providing liquidity? Do you want to earn fees from activity and stake your for extra ? If so, you might want to check out Trader Joe, a DEX that has recently launched Liquidity Book V2.1, a major upgrade that introduces new features such as Autopools, sJOE fee sharing, Permissionless Pools, and more. In this article, we will explain what these features are and how they can help you make the most of your liquidity on Trader Joe. 😍

What is Liquidity Book V2.1?

Liquidity Book V2.1 is the latest version of Trader Joe's liquidity management system, which allows to create and join for any pair on and . Liquidity pools are pools of tokens that are locked by users to facilitate trading on the DEX. Users who provide liquidity to these pools earn a portion of the trading fees generated by the swaps. Liquidity Book V2.1 is an improvement over the previous version, V2, which was based on 's code. Liquidity Book V2.1 has new contracts and code that make it more efficient, flexible, and user-friendly. 🚀

What are the new features of Liquidity Book V2.1?

Liquidity Book V2.1 introduces several new features that aim to enhance the experience and profitability of liquidity providers on Trader Joe. Here are some of them: 🙌

  • Autopools: Autopools are pools that automatically execute liquidity strategies for users who do not want to actively manage their liquidity holdings. Users can deposit tokens into an Autopool and receive a token receipt, which can be used for other DeFi activities such as farming, collateralization, and leverage. Autopools will be improved over time to include more advanced strategies such as off-chain signals, alternative asset mixes, and so on.
  • sJOE fee sharing: sJOE is the token of Trader Joe, which can be obtained by staking JOE tokens on the platform. sJOE holders can now share a percentage of the fees collected in Liquidity Book pools, in addition to the rewards they already receive from staking. Fee sharing is limited to each chain, so sJOE on Arbitrum will only share fees on Arbitrum, and sJOE on Avalanche will only share fees on Avalanche.
  • Permissionless Pools: Permissionless Pools are pools that can be created by anyone without requiring approval from Trader Joe's team. This allows for more and diversity in the token pairs available on the DEX. Permissionless Pools also have lower fees than curated pools, which are selected by Trader Joe's team.
  • Other new features: Liquidity Book V2.1 also reduces gas costs by 30-40%, allows users to set up swap instructions that execute trades at desired points across all Liquidity Book markets, and enables users to migrate their liquidity from V2 to V2.1 pools with ease.

Why should you use Liquidity Book V2.1?

Liquidity Book V2.1 is a great way to participate in the growth and success of Trader Joe, one of the leading DEXs on Avalanche and Arbitrum. By providing liquidity to Liquidity Book pools, you can earn from trading fees and sJOE rewards, while also benefiting from the increased capital efficiency and flexibility of the platform. You can also access a wide range of token pairs and liquidity strategies that suit your preferences and risk appetite. Whether you are a casual or professional , Liquidity Book V2.1 has something for you. 😊

How to get started with Liquidity Book V2.1?

If you are interested in using Liquidity Book V2.1, you can visit Trader Joe's website and connect your (such as or WalletConnect) to either Avalanche or Arbitrum network. Then, you can browse the available pools or create your own pool by clicking on the “Liquidity Book” tab on the top menu. You can also access the Autopools and sJOE staking features by clicking on the “Autopools” and “Stake JOE” tabs respectively. If you need more guidance, you can visit Trader Joe's documentation or join their Discord community. 🙏

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