Reddit Avatars: How to Own a Piece of Reddit History with NFTs on Polygon

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Reddit Launches Gen 3 Avatars on Polygon Blockchain

Reddit, the popular social aggregation and discussion website, has announced the of its third generation of blockchain-based , called “Reddit Avatars,” on the Polygon blockchain. The avatars are nonfungible (NFTs) that allow artists to create and sell their work on Reddit, while can set them as their profile pictures on the platform. The latest version of the avatars was deployed on April 5, and members predict a sellout within minutes.

What are Reddit Avatars?

Reddit Avatars are NFTs that represent digital characters created by artists on Reddit. The avatars were first introduced in July 2022, with the goal of empowering artists to create and sell their work. In addition, whenever users purchase a collectible avatar, it can also be set as an avatar on Reddit's website. The avatars were made available in August 2022 and generated thousands of dollars in sales for the artists.

Why Polygon?

Polygon is a for that aims to provide faster and cheaper for . Reddit chose Polygon as the blockchain for its Gen 3 avatars because of its , , and user-friendliness. Polygon also supports multiple currencies, which means that users can buy using the currency of their country.

What are the benefits of Reddit Avatars?

Reddit Avatars offer several benefits for both artists and users. For artists, Reddit Avatars provide a new way to showcase their creativity and earn income from their work. Artists receive for every collectible avatar that is sold on Reddit, less any fees, and also receive royalties from secondary sales of their collectible avatars on open marketplaces. For users, Reddit Avatars provide a way to express their identity and personality on the platform. Users who own collectible avatars can also access unique benefits, such as exclusive , badges, and flair.

How to get Reddit Avatars?

To get Reddit Avatars, users need to visit the Reddit Avatars website and browse through the available collections. Users can filter the collections by category, , rarity, and artist. Once they find an avatar they like, they can click on it and proceed to checkout. Users can pay with credit cards or supported by Polygon. After the payment is confirmed, users can set their new avatar as their profile picture on Reddit.

If you are interested in Reddit Avatars, you should act fast because they are selling out quickly. The Gen 3 avatars are expected to be more popular than ever because of their improved design, quality, and diversity. Reddit Avatars are not only fun and cool but also a way to talented artists and join a vibrant community of collectors. Don't miss this to own a piece of Reddit history! 😍

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