Richard Madden: The Hottest Star on Prime Video

If you're looking for a new show to binge-watch, you might want to check out Citadel, the new Prime Video show starring Richard Madden and Jonas. The show is a mega-budget spy thriller executive produced by the Russo Brothers, who are known for their work on Avengers: Endgame. Citadel follows two elite agents who have their memories wiped after a global spy agency is destroyed by a powerful syndicate. They reunite eight years later to stop the syndicate from establishing a new order.

But Citadel is not the only reason why Richard Madden is making headlines these days. The Scottish actor has been in the spotlight ever since his role as Robb Stark in of Thrones, where he met a tragic end in the infamous Red episode. Since then, he has starred in several and TV shows, such as Bodyguard, Rocketman, and Eternals. He has also been rumored to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig.

So what makes Richard Madden so hot? Well, for starters, he has a charming accent, a handsome face, and a fit body that he often shows off on screen. He also has a great sense of style, as he proved at the recent GQ Men of the Year Awards, where he won Best Actor. He is also a talented actor who can play different roles with ease, from a heroic king to a troubled bodyguard to a gay star. He can also spice things up with his co-stars, as he did with in a new clip from Citadel that showed them flirting on a train.

But more than his looks and skills, Richard Madden is also hot because he is passionate about his work and his causes. He has spoken out about the pressure he faced to lose weight for some of his roles, and how he struggled with his after Game of Thrones. He has also supported various charities, such as Comic Relief and UNICEF. He is not afraid to be himself and express his emotions, which makes him even more attractive.

So if you're a fan of Richard Madden, or if you want to become one, you should definitely watch Citadel on Prime Video. You'll get to see him in action as a spy who fights for what's right, while also having some steamy moments with Priyanka Chopra Jonas. You'll also get to enjoy some amazing cinematography and special effects that will make you feel like you're part of the adventure. And who knows, maybe you'll also get to see him as James Bond someday.

Are you excited to watch Citadel? Do you think Richard Madden is hot? Let know in the comments below! 😍😍😍

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