Shiba Inu Creator Revealed? Binance.US Poll Shocks Crypto Fans

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Who is behind Shiba Inu? . asks fans

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is one of the most popular dog-themed that has taken the crypto by storm. But do you know who created this meme coin? Binance.US, the American branch of the leading Binance, decided to test the knowledge of the SHIB with a crypto trivia on . 🐶

The mystery of Ryoshi

The trivia question was: “This -based counterpart to 's Scrypt-based algorithm was created by whom?” The four options were: Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson, and Ryoshi. 🤔

According to the TradingView News, more than half of the respondents (55.3%) correctly chose Ryoshi as the answer. However, some people also voted for the other options, including 19.6% for Satoshi Nakamoto (the anonymous creator of ), 19.5% for Vitalik Buterin (the co-founder of Ethereum), and 5.6% for Charles Hoskinson (the founder of Cardano). 😮

Ryoshi is the pseudonym of the person or group who launched Shiba Inu in August 2020 as a community-driven project that aims to create a decentralized for and other financial activities. Ryoshi's identity has remained a mystery since then, just like Satoshi Nakamoto's. Ryoshi also exited in May 2022, leaving behind a manifesto that explains the vision and philosophy of Shiba Inu. 🕵️‍♂️

We are all Ryoshi

While many crypto enthusiasts are curious about who Ryoshi is, Shiba Inu's lead Shytoshi Kusama hinted at what is most important for the project. “What's important is the concept of , myself and millions of others believe can change the world. I am Ryoshi, and so are you,” Kusama stated. 🙌

This phrase “We are all Ryoshi” has become a slogan for the SHIB community, meaning that everyone has a stake in the project and a responsibility to take it forward. Shiba Inu is not just a meme coin, but also a platform that supports various initiatives such as , , , and charity. 💯

At the time of writing, SHIB is trading at $0.00001096, with a cap of $7.3 billion. It is ranked as the 13th largest by . In the last 24 hours, 20,000 SHIB has been burned in a single transaction, reducing the supply and increasing the demand for the . 🔥

The Bottom Line

Shiba Inu is a fascinating crypto project that has attracted millions of fans and investors around the world. It is also a mystery that keeps people guessing about its creator and potential. Binance.US's trivia was a fun way to engage with the SHIB community and test their knowledge about this doggy coin. 🐕

Do you know more about Shiba Inu and its creator? Do you think SHIB can reach new heights in ? Let us know in the comments below! 😊

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