Tyson Fury Challenges Jon Jones to a Boxing Match, But Will It Ever Happen?

Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones: Who Would Win in a Boxing Match? 🥊

Hey, what's up, fight fans? Welcome to another awesome article where we talk about all things combat sports. Today, we have a juicy topic for you: Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones. Yes, you heard that right. The boxing heavyweight champion and the UFC heavyweight champion have been going at it on , challenging each other to a fight. But who would win if they actually stepped into a boxing ring? Let's find out! 😎

Why are they beefing? 🥩

It all started when UFC commentator Joe Rogan said that Fury wouldn't “have a f*cking chance in hell” if he was locked in a room with Jones. Fury didn't take kindly to that remark and responded by saying that he would “smash” Jones in any combat sport. Jones then jumped on and told Fury to give UFC president Dana White a call about making the fight happen. Fury replied by saying that he's not a cagefighter, but a boxer, and that Jones is “definitely no boxer”. He also said that he would only fight Jones in a boxing ring, in the , at Wembley Stadium, with a 70-30 split and no rematch clauses. Jones then accused Fury of switching his tune and being scared of him. And that's where we are now. 🔥

Who has the edge? 📊

Now, let's be real here. Both Fury and Jones are amazing fighters, but they are also very different. Fury is a pure boxer, with incredible skills, footwork, power, and adaptability. He has an unbeaten record of 33 wins, 0 losses, and one draw, with 22 knockouts. He has beaten some of the best boxers in history, like Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder. He is also much bigger than Jones, standing at 6'9″ and weighing around 270 lbs. He has a reach of 85 inches and can switch stances at will. He is also very charismatic and confident, with a huge fan base around the . 🙌

Jones is a mixed martial artist, with a diverse arsenal of striking, wrestling, grappling, and submissions. He has a record of 28 wins, 1 (by disqualification), and one no contest, with 10 knockouts and 6 submissions. He has dominated some of the best fighters in MMA history, like Daniel Cormier, Alexander Gustafsson, and Lyoto Machida. He is also very athletic and creative, with a high fight IQ and an unpredictable style. He stands at 6'4″ and weighs around 240 lbs. He has a reach of 84 inches and can also switch stances at will. He is also very competitive and ambitious, with a controversial reputation in and out of the cage. 😈

So who has the edge in a boxing match? Well, it's pretty obvious that Fury has a huge advantage in this scenario. Boxing is his domain, his specialty, his passion. He has been doing it since he was a kid, while Jones only started boxing as part of his MMA training. Fury has more experience, more skills, more power, more size, more reach, more speed, more stamina, more everything when it comes to boxing. Jones may be a great fighter in MMA, but he is not a great boxer. He may have some decent striking skills, but they are not enough to compete with someone like Fury. He would be outclassed, outboxed, outworked, and eventually knocked out by Fury in a boxing match. It's not even close. 🥊

What are the chances of this fight happening? 🤔

Now that we have established who would win in a boxing match between Fury and Jones (spoiler alert: it's Fury), let's talk about the chances of this fight actually happening. Well, to be honest, they are very slim. First of all, there are contractual issues involved. Jones is tied to a restrictive UFC contract that doesn't allow him to do anything but fight inside the octagon without the UFC's permission. Fury is not bound by such contractual terms, but he still has obligations to his promoters and networks. They would have to agree on terms like venue, date, purse, split, broadcast rights, etc., which could be very difficult given their different interests and demands.

Secondly, there are logistical issues involved. Fury wants to fight Jones in the UK, at Wembley Stadium, which is his home turf and where he can draw huge crowds and make huge 💰 Jones wants to fight Fury in the , where he has more fans and more exposure 🇺🇸 They would have to find a compromise that satisfies both parties and their respective markets which could be very hard given their different preferences and expectations.

Thirdly, there are competitive issues involved. Fury wants to fight Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight title 🏆 Jones wants to fight Ngannou for the UFC heavyweight title 🏆 They both have bigger goals and bigger challenges in their own sports than fighting each other in a crossover bout that may not mean much in terms of legacy or recognition.

So, as much as we would love to see this fight happen, we have to be realistic and admit that it's very unlikely to happen anytime soon 😢 Maybe someday, when they are both or bored or desperate they will agree to do it for fun or fame or money 💵 But until then, we can only dream 💭

What do you think? 🤷‍♂️

That's it for today's article, folks 👋 We hope you enjoyed it 😊 We want to hear from you 🗣️ What do you think about Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones? Who would win in a boxing match? Do you want to see this fight happen? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️

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