Wheeling University Welcomes New and Returning Students on Move-In Day

kicked off its new academic year on Saturday with a for new and returning . The campus was buzzing with excitement and activity as students and their families unloaded their cars, carried their belongings, and settled into their dorm rooms.

The move-in day was organized by the university's Office of Services, which provided volunteers, carts, maps, and refreshments to help the students and their families. The volunteers included faculty, staff, alumni, and upperclassmen, who greeted the newcomers with smiles and words of encouragement.

The university also followed protocols, such as requiring masks, social distancing, and temperature checks. The university also offered free COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics for the students and their families.

The move-in day was part of the university's program, which aims to help the students transition to life and become familiar with the campus and its resources. The orientation program also includes academic advising, registration, workshops, tours, icebreakers, and social .

The university's president, Dr. John Smith, welcomed the students and their families at a ceremony in the chapel. He expressed his gratitude and for the new academic year, which he said will be “full of and challenges”. He also urged the students to embrace the university's mission of “educating for life, leadership, and service”.

The university's enrollment for this year is about 1,200 students, including 300 freshmen and 100 students. The university offers more than 40 majors and minors in arts, sciences, , , sciences, and theology. The university also boasts a 12:1 student-faculty ratio, a 90% placement rate, and a strong alumni network.

The university's motto is “Luceat Lux Vestra”, which means “Let Your Light Shine”. The university hopes that its move-in day will be the start of a bright and successful journey for its students.


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